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Michigan Supreme Plumbing & Drain

At Michigan Supreme Plumbing & Drain Cleaning, we specialize in sharing our knowledge and experience with our customers so that you may better understand your plumbing system and options to resolve issues.

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Michigan supreme Plumbing provides homeowners with honest, quality plumbing work, we accommodate all residential service requests with service excellence and understanding to the busy schedules of families and homeowners.

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Since 1994 we’ve built a reputation in Macomb county as the area trusted choice of expert plumbers and top notch service we’ve served along list of satisfied clients, call us today


Clogged drains are not uncommon. The solution for a clogged sink, toilet, and tub/shower is to snake the drain to clear the line. Although, in more rare occurrences you might encounter a main sewer stoppage in which all of your lower level drain lines clog simultaneously. Water always finds a way to exit your house at the lowest point. Therefore, when your lower drain lines clog simultaneously the sewer matter begins to enter your home through the drain pipes, it is time to get your main sewer line snaked, hydro-jetted, repaired, or replace. We highly recommend getting your line video camera inspected prior to getting extensive work performed on your sewer main line.

  • Causes: Roots can grow into the pipe. Roots are strong enough to penetrate the pipe itself, causing the pipe to crack or break into pieces.
  • “Bellies” in the line. Which are flat areas in the drain pipe that cause debris to build up.
  • Offsets, areas of the line shift due to the shift and erosion of the ground underneath causing the line to become misaligned.
  • Aging weakens the pipe causing leaking joints and pipe to burst.


Drain Scoping

With a video camera inspection we can determine if your main pipes need to be repaired of if you need a replacement. Video camera inspection can also locate and pinpoint any leaks or blockages in your pipes. We highly recommended getting your line video camera inspected prior to getting extensive work performed on your sewer main & water main lines.

Hydro Jetting

For a simple clogged drain or even tree roots Michigan Supreme Plumbing uses a process called hydro jetting to clear the problem. Hydro jetting uses high-pressure water to blast through the obstruction to restore the free flowing drain function. It doesn’t just put a hole in the clog but completely removes it, cutting through tree roots and removing decades of sediment, leaving your pipes clean. Hydro jetting is more effective than pipe snaking, as it can loosen and remove tight blockages far down the sewer line.

Other Solutions

If the problem is bigger than a simple clogged drain or tree roots, Michigan Supreme Plumbing has the solution. If you have a broken pipe, we would recommend our trench-less sewer lining repair to fix your pipe without having to dig up your yard. This technique is less expensive and just as effective as normal trenching. Our experts at Michigan Supreme Plumbing use an epoxy pipe lining to realign the damaged sewer pipe. The epoxy leaves your clogged drain pipe running like new and is safe enough to use for drinking water.

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